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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Platform does not acquire and store any kind of information apart from the information contained in cookie files. The cookie files are the information data files, most frequently in the form of text files which are stored in the Platform User’s device; cookies are required to use the Platform website. The information normally stored in the cookies contains; the URL of the website address which created the cookies, the duration of the cookies at the user’s device and a unique number.

Cookie files are stored and in Platform User’s device and ten accessed by the Platform Administrator - Gdańska Fundacja Przedsiębiorczości with the registered seat of 3B Lęborska Street, 80-386 Gdansk.

Cookies use objective: the Platform uses so called session cookies only. Session cookies are stored in the end User’s device until the User logs out, leaves the website or terminates their use of software (i.e. internet browser).

The Platform makes use of the following cookie types: the cookies which are necessary in order to use the services offered by the Platform, e.g. authentication cookie files which are used in the case of services provided by the Platform which require authentication.

In most of the cases, the software used to browse the Internet content (internet browser) allows to store internet cookies in the User’s end device by default. The Platform Users are allowed to customise cookie settings of their device so as cookies are disabled in their internet browser’s setting or the system requires the Platform User’s individual consent to store cookie files. Information on cookie settings in most popular internet browser is presented in the further section of this document. Detailed information on cookies management is available in the software settings (of the internet browser) or in the help section of the browser.

Platform Administrator informs that limitations regarding use of cookies may impact some of the functionalities of the web-based Platform.


  1. Cookie setting may vary, depending on the type of User’s internet browser. Information on cookie management is available in the “Help” section of each internet browser as well as on the website;
  2. Comprehensive information is available in the software setting (i.e. internet browser’s setting). Detailed information on particular internet browsers:
    1. Internet Explorer (
    2. Mozilla Firefox (
    3. Chrome (
    4. Opera (
    5. etc.
  3. Please be informed that introduction of limitations to cookie files as well as other similar technologies may impact specific functionalities of our website.
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