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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register in the platform in order to do shopping?
Registration and acquisition of a login and password is not required in order to buy products with the use of the Platform.

Who can place an order?
Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year long.

When does the order processing time start?
Order processing time starts the moment the payment is transferred and credited to the bank account specified in the order acceptance in the case of bank transfer payments or the moment the order is placed in the case in the case of credit card payment or when the option “cash on delivery” is selected.

Do you issue invoices?
The seller issues an invoice on client’s request.

To which countries are the 100 palców products sold?
Products on sale are delivered only at the territory of the European Union member states.

Where to report problems with the 100 palców Platform operation?
Complaints regarding the Platform operation should be filed to the Administrator’s e-mail address or in writing to the Administrator’s postal address; complaints should contain the following data: designation of the party which files the complaint – their name and surname or the company name, specification of the subject of the complaint, address and e-mail address, registration information if applicable (companies) accompanied with description of objections to the platform operation.

How can I return a product which I have already bought?
Read the " Product returns – step by step"

How much time does it take to process a complaint regarding the Platform operation?
A complaint is processed within 10 days after it has been filed. The complained will be addressed in writing to the address or the e-mail address of the complaining party as specified in the complaint.

Where to file a complaint associated with the product sales?
All complaints regarding Sales Agreements should be resolved between the Buyer and the Seller.

Who is responsible for product sales?
The online shopping system operates as a vending platform for independent Entrepreneurs – handicraft producers. Thus all products bought with the use of this website are bought directly form particular Entrepreneurs, not from the Platform. The producer is responsible for posting the goods to the clients as well as is held responsible for possible product return and settlement of accounts. Each Entrepreneur is obliged to use and observe their Rules and Regulations.

What is the scope of 100 palców Platform and Platform Administrator responsibility ?
The Platform does not act in the capacity of Entrepreneurs’ proxy and does not collect any payments
The Administrator is only responsible for the Platform operation; however the liability is indemnified whenever a fault or any other damage is revealed which has been caused by Force Majeure or acts or omissions of the persons the Administrator is not responsible for (i.e. persons who are not employed by the Administrator or do not cooperate with the Administrator).

Does the Platform operator have an access to the clients’ personal data?
The Administrator is not provided and thus does not process Buyers’ personal data, apart from the data provided in the purpose of queries and remarks on the Platform operation; however the data provided in this process is provided voluntarily. The person who has provided such data is entitled to access and correct the information and has the right to require the data to be deleted

Is it possible to join the platform as a new creator-member?
Owing to the formal requirements associated with the project realisation, new members cannot be admitted at the moment. However we intend to provide for this possibility next year.
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